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Cyclops is a singular object on the landscape as well as a singular frame of the landscape. Made up of 255 8-meter long tapering timber planks held in the shape of an inverted cone around a central opening for the user to occupy. These planks are fastened to each other at the innermost diameter and held upright by a 150mm steel ring beam at the outer diameter.

At first approach, Cyclops is an object on the landscape, seen as a clear, platonic form. Through its transparency and porosity, however, it is an object one that is also dynamic and changing, blending with the environment.

By entering the central 1.5 m opening at the bottom of the cone, the user enters into a different relationship with the object and the landscape. By experiencing it from the inside-out, the object acts to frame the surrounding landscape and sky for the viewer in this same dynamic, temporal way by blending the man-made, platonic clarity of the frame with the organic and natural.

The viewer plays the central role of the work in rediscovering the relationship between the object, the frame, and the natural landscape.

Architect: Craig Chapple

Years of exhibition: 2016, 2017

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